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HydroSilex Applications

Hydrosilex is great for your car.  It's also great for other uses including:


Replaces waxes and sealants! The installation is far easier and the result is simply 10 times better. Hydrosilex will protect your gelcoat from fading and aging, It will also minimize friction, giving the vessel that little extra to win the race! The slick surface doesn't just make your boat go faster it makes it alot easier to clean. Dirt, barnicales and salt don't have a rough surface to hang on to hence a simple rinse is often enough. 


HydroSilex works on almost all exterior and interior surfaces in your home. Shower doors, counter-tops refrigerators, grout, facade are all examples where Hydrosilex protects and simplifies the cleaning process. If you want your house to keep its new luster then HydroSilex is a product for you.  


HydroSilex enhances a plane's performance by improving the laminar flow and reducing the drag. This will save fuel and money. The coating works similar on planes as it does on boats and cars. The application is extremely easy and the results are immediate, improved finish, less drag and a lot easier to clean.